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  1. Hi! So I left Bns a while back, about 1 1/2 years ago. I have Baleful 11, which I now know is phased out. But what gear do I go for? Riftwalk or Dawnforged? Also what accessories? Thanks!
  2. 6 hours...

    It’ll take a while the first few times. I didn’t receive my coins instantly until a ton of purchases later lmao. There’s a 12 hour holding limit to prevent fraudulent charges. So it can take up to 12 hours to receive them.
  3. Lyn Gunner/New Tails

    Probably not for a few months.
  4. Your leveling will only go into your HM levels until you get to Solak. (Continue the main story) HM levels give you more stats, AP and HP wise. Press P and you can put in however many points you have into your AP or HP. The higher HM level, the more points you have to use. You can switch these at any time.
  5. coming back after a year, need help understanding

    Don't worry about sounding ignorant lol you're okay. Weapon upgrading is very different, yes. To get to 55, you just stick to the main story/yellow quests and you'll get a legendary weapon eventually that you upgrade. It'll be either baleful or seraph and you upgrade it from there. You also get your accessories and soul shields from the main story until you finish it. After that you should focus on getting your elemental accessories and others, which you can get from Skybreak Spire and some other dungeons. Fire gunner has higher DPS than shadow. Sacred oils are used to upgrade certain accessories. I believe one being your Soul. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong lmao) Souls, Badges and such all help your characters stats/damage. Badges are used to improve certain aspects of your characters skills. Honestly you get a lot of your gear from the main story so just stick to that. Badges and such are obtainable through a lot of ways, depends which badge you need for your class and element. Yes, you no longer have to stick to blue quests. The yellow/main story gives you enough XP to get to 55 quickly. Though you should look for the Old Man Cho (one which is purple), as it allows you to get more windwalking skills that become a requirement in some dungeons and parts in the new story. (Wall running) I'll try to find an updated guide for you if I can. Reddit tends to post a lot of things like that and they also have a thread you can use to ask any questions you may have.
  6. ...very wrong lmao. Blue quests are a waste of time, the main story will give you the right amount of XP to hit 55 (max level) quickly. The yellow quests/main story actually give you gear lmao. So yeah, don't bother with blue quests anymore. Waste of time.
  7. Change character class service

    Nope lmao there's no class change voucher. Only gender, level 50, race and name change vouchers I believe. So yes you need to start fresh
  8. Marketplace Error?

    Certain items can't be put on the market. The only items that are able to be sold are the ones that aren't grey when you go to apply an item to be sold.
  9. 1) Yes that's normal. Nope there's no way for you to disable it so it doesn't do that each time, unfortunately. 2) I don't play as a Summoner but you don't really need to focus on much if you're still leveling. The real grind begins when you hit 55 and end the main story. There are side stories, one where you need to go to Khanda Vihar and one where you go to Temple of Eluvium. You won't be able to do VT (term for Temple of Eluvium) for a while, it's one of the harder endgame dungeons. So focus on getting into BT (Skybreak Spire) raids and getting elemental accessories and such. By the end of the story you'll be around HM 6-8, you can press P and put Hongmoon points into your AP or HP. The amount of points varies with your HM level. These can be changed at any time. Blue quests aren't really important, the Old Man Cho one is however. It's a purple quest and it'll allow you to run up walls and such, which is basically a requirement at some parts in the story and in dungeons/raids. Youll get a pet/pet aura from the story, which can be upgraded with pet pods. These give you more HP. So just focus on the main quest for now, leveling is easy but it slows down once you finish the story and have to grind for gear in dungeons.
  10. Updated with patch overview
  11. Chromatic Thread Prices?

    I wish they mentioned it too. My guess is it'll be a little pricier than the Outfit stamps. Most likely under the 100-coin price. At least I hope so lmao.
  12. Phantom Outfit (Winner Costume Design Contest 2017)

    wrong topic oops lmao
  13. F3, The Showroom

    $200 is chump money if you're able to buy 280 costumes which are roughly $15-$20 each. I suggest just transferring certain costumes you really want on your gunner, then over the weeks/months, transfer more and more to it.
  14. About premium again..

    Haven't you posted this already?