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Enemy Silence

Please change SS/backdash for controller users

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As of now this is a huge playability crutch as the left analog stick may register an "+XY(left down/right down)" motion instead if the desired "down twice" input. On top of that, the back dash animation itself becomes delayed. Please fix this by allowing us to map "back dash" to a command/button. As it stands, controller users are already at a massive disadvantage, we don't need this on top of it. Certain attacks (pve and pvp) need to be reacted to quickly, and we're unable to properly play when basic human error prevents proper inputs. This is mostly noticeable when running in a circle and being at an angle to your target. To anyone that wants to respond to this thread, don't tell me to use keyboard and all that crap. I'd rather play with controller, thank you.

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