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Black backgrounds during loading screens


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first of all i DONT USE BnsBuddy or any other programs like that one.

you know that during loading screens you will see some picture/drawing while the game/dungeon/area is loading yeah? well, since 15mins i continue to have all black loading screens 


i repeat i DONT have and never had any programs like bns buddy, that deactivate the pictures/drawing in loading screens

as you can see(on the bottom left) i just have MediaPlayer(for music),Skype, the game and the task manager in case the game freeze and i have to terminate the process

(on the bottom right) just normal things like the antivirus (deactivate because bsn doesnt like it) the ati settings, blablabla and other computer icons like audio ecc..

i hope is nothing bad, could you please check it?

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