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EU Downtime & Compensation


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Hi all,


As we posted last week, we’ve been continuing to work on reducing the amount of downtime for our European servers. We’ve made promising progress that should resolve the extended downtime going forward.


Unfortunately we ran into a totally unrelated issue this week with the European servers, which caused them to be down longer than we originally expected. We apologise for the continued issues and while we are confident downtimes will improve for Europe in the future, we know this week was yet another extended downtime that greatly impacted your ability to play. We’ll be providing all European players with two Thanksgiving Boxes later today, these will be available for 0 NCoin once per account on the Hongmoon Store until 22nd November. You can find out more info on Thanksgiving Boxes and the Golden Harvest Festival in-game event by clicking here.


Thank you for your continued patience and we look forward to seeing you in-game.

Team Blade & Soul

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