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Ability to train target


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"train its target" - do you mean as in keeping it under attack?


Usually it's suicide to attack a skilled opponent without CCing them first, although some classes can do it with limited success in lower ranks, often disparagingly called "PvEing someone".


So eventually this would be about the length of CC chain after all. But I guess that's also not very relevant as in B&S you would prefer a short high damage chain to a lengthy one. Because it would require more CC skills to extend, with a risk they are on cool down.


Or are you thinking about middle game where you want to be able to chase better some classes that are good at distancing (Sin, Summoner, SF)?


Most classes are pretty mobile if played right, WL is probably the most stationary. At the same time being one of the strongest in PvP.


Maybe I have misunderstood your question though. Not realy sure how it relates to B&S specific combat system. ^_^'


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