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PC build only mother board and CPU !


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Hi just to sum it up I have been having a hard time with my PC build .as it is rn now I heard that bns has bad fps in general but I'm pretty sure it's my old system (ddr2?It's pretty bad even tho I have 8g ram and Gtx 1050 ti )I get any were from 12 -25 fps no matter were in at ! and its so annoying I wanna be able to run at atleast 50-60 fps and up . so I have been researching every thing I need for my new pc the only thing is I'm confused on if I need Intel or amd chip set on mother board because I get a lot of different answers XD from what I know Intel is the better chip set but if u have good ideas for amd chip set and mother board I'm all for it c: so i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good mother board and CPU that's runs good im OK with ddr3 or ddr4 I only want it to play bns on high settings and high fps .plus I'm on a budget don't want to spend more then 400 tbh :/ if less that would be good but I know sometimes to have better game play u have to spend more X.X 

my price range for mother board - no more then 100 I'm not into the over clocking stuff I do want fast load up but usually that's the ssd card so noting inpaticular I just no my brother runs on this and he gets 47-60 fps and his mother borad is only 60$ XD his specs 

cpu -amd athlon ii x4 640

ram - 8 g

gpu - Gtx 650 2 g 

plz if anyone could help me that would be great any more question for me just ask me c: 

Ps: i only want just CPU and mother board suggestions 

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One interesting guide has builds for a number of budget ranges:







Blade and Soul is a very CPU heavy game, unlike many nowadays.  So, you'll want to keep that in mind.  It seems your graphics card is fine anyway.


You'll probably find that your DDR2 RAM won't work with a newer motherboard.  Current technology is DDR4 and even a DDR3 motherboard is kind of hard to find.


The "cheap" build guide at the PC Gamer link lists a motherboard, CPU, and RAM for about $160.

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