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  1. I got some positive feedback on her... or maybe it was the outfit.
  2. An epic and appropriate necro indeed.
  3. I'm in favor of other methods that aren't so hard on newer players.
  4. Baloney Stuffins Twice now..."miscommunication"... a;dsf jk[p'weum; jklnds;jkl fdsvad scm,.?
  5. It's not a cost reduction sheet. It's a surprise engagement extender.
  6. BnS is very CPU intensive so upgrading or overclocking the CPU can help a lot. Both have their drawbacks though. Another weird but effective thing that worked in the past at least is unchecking/unfollowing quests. Track only the one(s) you are actively pursuing. You want as few items as possible visible on the quest list on the screen. I found that running the Client.exe in high priority with affinity set to all cores also helps. At one point in time, the thing to do was set Xigncode to its own core. You don't need to do that now. More things to try ar
  7. Wait, does this mean you are running the game client on a cloud server, like Google Stadia will do, and not on your local machine? If so, I don't think the game was meant to do that. The bottle neck probably would be the video stream to your local machine.
  8. EvilDoUsHarm's guides for "First things to do after the awakening patch" and "What to do after level 60" are pretty good.
  9. It has never really worked. I can't believe they will ever fix it.
  10. This is probably still accurate: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v0tY9qwTmQalLrD0FW2LkX2AJWqEKKSrBz5Ij4WvRXo/htmlview?sle=true# It has some other stuff too.
  11. They think that by doing that they will make more money... by not selling things... somehow.
  12. The reason why trove, etc. keeps sucking so bad is because people still buy keys, etc. Just complaining on forums clearly doesn't work. If people were smart enough to not buy known bad crap then it would get NC Soft's attention. Until then this is the norm.
  13. So much this. For one, it makes no sense that they hold back almost all of their "inventory" attempting to "generate demand". Imagine if a brick-and-mortar store did that. Sales are what bring people in for full price things. I see so many posts asking for outfits to come back it makes me think they could have sold a ton of that outfit by then. They could put all the outfits in store full price and rotate each for a sale. Then they would capitalize on not making people wait. Game companies have cut back farther and farther until you end up with games that shaft their customer
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