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  1. just come back dont know what to do

    EvilDoUsHarm's guides for "First things to do after the awakening patch" and "What to do after level 60" are pretty good.
  2. Over a year to fix Friends List [F4]

    It has never really worked. I can't believe they will ever fix it.
  3. NCCoins calculation

    This is probably still accurate: It has some other stuff too.
  4. They think that by doing that they will make more money... by not selling things... somehow.
  5. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    The reason why trove, etc. keeps sucking so bad is because people still buy keys, etc. Just complaining on forums clearly doesn't work. If people were smart enough to not buy known bad crap then it would get NC Soft's attention. Until then this is the norm.
  6. So are you just ignoring this?

    So much this. For one, it makes no sense that they hold back almost all of their "inventory" attempting to "generate demand". Imagine if a brick-and-mortar store did that. Sales are what bring people in for full price things. I see so many posts asking for outfits to come back it makes me think they could have sold a ton of that outfit by then. They could put all the outfits in store full price and rotate each for a sale. Then they would capitalize on not making people wait. Game companies have cut back farther and farther until you end up with games that shaft their customers with pay to win, gambling, etc. Now companies are releasing games calling them Beta, etc. when 5 - 10 years ago they barely would have been considered an Alpha. (Yes, I have a certain post-nuclear-apocalypse shooter in mind.) Then they don't actually "release" for another two years... yet they've been taking people's money all that time. It's time gamers pushed back. That happened in that shooter I was referring to, but it needs to continue.
  7. It's probably there so people don't start setting AP requirements for event dungeons.
  8. B&S II, B&S S, B&S M, B&S Revolution

    Me too. It's just like what Blizzard did. It's like they're just putting BnS (this one) on life support now. I want my games on a screen where I can see everything.
  9. If they want a metric to use to determine if a player was actually attacking the boss use (time attacking boss)/(time boss alive) not damage done. Then, for example, you can say if a player was attacking boss for 20%, 50% etc. of the time the boss was under attack could get credit.
  10. [NEWS] October 17 Patch Note Preview

    So they reduced the available supply of Soulstones and increased the amount required. Nice.
  11. When can I get the Warden of Lv50?

    Support said the same thing to me, but after seeing: This was exactly I was afraid would happen as soon as I read the reply from Support. Then I see this post. Will support reload everything back into Received Items, or let us transfer the items free?? Can we have free inventory expansions?? LOL I don't believe in this "fix". Please fix the bug. UPDATE: I removed as much as i could tolerate from Received Items. I got the Lost Continent Explorer's Pack to page 3 and I could finish creating the character.
  12. Free Presets

    Read "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards.
  13. breeze accesories

    Try: Zaiwe Ruins - If you can't do the entire sequence you can just farm the first boss. You may even pick up an Evolved Stone. Grand Harvest Square event. It occurs at certain times of the night, 7 or 8PM EST and 10 or 11 PM EST or something like that. Usually there is a system announcement. These bosses are a DPS sprint race. Go fast or you won't get credit. Soulstone Plains - but this may not go well unless you have really high DPS or are on the losing faction.
  14. Just make 6v6 not PvP. Make it HvH (human vs human), i.e. equalize the stats and make it operator skills based. I wouldn't mind trying it if i knew I wouldn't get one shot repeatedly.
  15. Fewer rewards and another thing to upgrade. So the reduction is even worse on a material availability per item-to-upgrade basis.