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Moving costumes between alternate accounts


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Did anyone have luck with support on moving event and purchased costumes from one account to another? Last year I used my alt to play the Whirlwind Valley and Tower of Memory events and gained the respective, but I eventually abandoned the account. I tried to contact support, but this is their reply:

"Hi there,

I personally understand that you want to transfer your outfit from one accoutn to another account. Please understand that every request are subject for approval. I have discuss this with the team and I regret to let you know that we are unable to grant your reqeust or made an exception on this account.

I know that this is not the answer that you are expecting. I can only hope for your kind understanding,

If there's anything else that we can help you with, please let us know.


GM XXXX NCSOFT Support Team"

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I mean... He already said no and for quite the obvious reasons: that'd be dumb of them to allow outfits transferable to other accounts when most outfits are locked behind...idk..an actual achievment and/or certain purchases.

If the excuse is : i wanna start over on a fresh account,then its alot of ressources spent for naught.


If it's : I don't have anymore character slots then they'd obviously have you rather get more character slots.


If it's simply that you don't remember your account infos at all then its easy to recover with support.


Hell,you could even change your account name if that bothers you that much; like a complete fresh start. Delete your previous characters but bank ur costomes on one and send them to your new characters.

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