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Hello guys,


i just wanted to share you my exp in Arena/ToI/6v6 or generally in PvP.


I only want to talk about the KFM!


Before the Updates KFM were one of the difficultiest and Stongest Chars in BNS, he has so much iFrames and Def skills, and his damage even in Arena is Insane from 100 to 0% combo.

Before the Updates he had enough iFrames, but now after the Updates its nearly impossible to do any damage on him. I am a Platin PvP player. And i hope they reduce the KFM iFrame time Back to normal,  its impossible to do any damage on him anymore, every other class you have a time Intervall you can do damage on him, but on kfm its not possible, i hope they do some changes here, i really love pvp. Every Gold or Above Player who got a KFM as enemy knows what i mean, and this is not a flame or hate, i just wanted to share you my exp in hope they will change something to make pvp "fair". Fighting against a KFM in this Update is nearly the same like to hit a wall with paper.


Best Regards


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Idk which region you come from, so I looked up the class from NA and EU, but either class Sylar - EU(FM) or Sylar - NA(BM) have an advantage vs kfm, unless played perfectly by every kfm in your region, by resisting your tab esc as long as u don´t waste your CC beforehand into their iframes or counter kfm isn´t as strong as u think.
As FM your grab disables their block, even if they ice themselves. KFM block is only frontal, if Q/E-ed close enough you can CC them into the back or right after SS-esc into CC-Stun since they are stuck in animation, most can´t react to it. Since u are ranked platin, there shouldnt be a problem for u to tech chase after F-roll, so long u get them with your tab daze you will force any class to use their´s before they get knocked up into the air.
As BM there is even less to fear, so long u keep their approach iframe, ice flower and SS CD in mind. You don´t even have to wait for KD on air borne you can just follow up with flock of blades into stun and continue dmg, so long u force their tab before they did yours any kfm will lose. Same for FM, unless u tab too early or don´t get them with your tab daze and can´t follow up, you won´t lose. For either class.

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