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sin makes me cry


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It´s not the cooldown ticking. When we use the actual escape it´s gonna have 45seconds cooldown if we use it when cct, if we are not cct (using it for iframe or chi i guess) then 30 seconds cooldown. Sure, we can place it instantly again if the flower disappears without us using it, but other skills also (usually) don´t go on cd without you using it.


The timer you see tells you when the currently placed flower is gonna disappear. Be thankful that you can see that, otherwise you could not abuse it without calculating the downtime in your head. We also can´t use it when knocked down at all. So you can kd chain us a few seconds before the flower is gonna disappear and then kill us (assuming tab is down). It´s the same with destros btw, they also cannot blue buff when kd´ed. But destros don´t need to place their blue buff, so it´s never gonna run out (when it´s not on cooldown), so you can´t stall out the blue buff with kds and then kill them with other ccs. You actually have to kill them in the kd, or have them blue buff and deal with it.

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