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Harder, Faster, Stronger quest entirely missing.


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I can't seem to find the actual quest to turn in the Ravenfeather fan that I bought from the faction merchant. I have gone over my letters throughly. I have checked the place where Old Man Cho is supposed to be, to no avail. My only lead was perhaps I hadn't finished Hajoon's purple quest until I was something like HM3, but I went ahead and did that, again, to no purple quest giving me my crucial flying skill.


The album below shows that I:


1) have the quest item in hand


2) do  NOT have the associated windwalk level 2 that you get from completing the Harder, Faster, Stronger quest.


3) do NOT have the quest in progress


4) do NOT have any letter from Old Man Cho that would let me start or restart the quest. 



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