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  1. probably not out yet until this game ver got lvl 55 cap
  2. Some other players have similar issues. They said they forgot to expand quest log on the right hand side so the quest wasn't showing. In order to proceed, you must click on 'Next' from the quest log. Like Kage said, it told you to hold alt to move your mouse around the game interface or simply press esc to move around the mouse on the interface. You can't click complete quest from quest log by pressing J. I took some screenshots of how it should have look like...if you still don't see the quest on the 'In progress' tab log then you should submit a ticket: There are five scree
  3. Press P and check if you have that dungeon in progress? This dungeon is actually like cold storage and heaven mandate can only be done per day or smth even if you forgot to get the quest it counts you as completed the dungeon and you need to wait for it to reset...
  4. Not sure if you finish this quest alrdy by now: Assassin...I have failed twice as well. I suck at assassin class but some how got through with this..Get some healing tonic/fortune potion beforehand: I used shadow build. I customized my bns tree to: The rotation of the boss is basically normal attack x5 , then red aoe.. and then repeat that... When near boss use: when you are low hp, use poison breath - gain hp / Smoke Screen - projectile resist - to gain hp When you see red aoe, either use Lotus Fury - resist or backstep > (when aoe ends) press f >f
  5. Premium Points only activates when you have premium membership ( A star icon above your character) which can be bought from ncoin hongmoon store 'Prepaid Premium membership (90 days)' or through website 30 days or more. It greys out once ur premium membership expires/don't have premium membership. Premium membership is like vip just like any other game. You can gain premium points through buying stuff from HM store whether its with ncoin or HM coin that allow you to level up the vip bar. Even if you are f2p player you still gain premium points for buying from HM store. The h
  6. q.q the achievement lock in the crafting system.
  7. Is there any way to check which voice my long ago created characters are currently using?
  8. Not only sign up for that reward on site but also...must have a character that's at least 10 lvl on acc or else you won't receive anything...
  9. Check ur inventory :[ of that character u logged on trying to collect the costume...if it isn't there, submit a ticket.. :(<
  10. They will add one maximum slot (total 10 slots max)after update so you will be able to use it later on as for the outfit i think they haven't give it out early until the gunner class is out.
  11. PVE or not. It would be nice to add any sort of indicators on the map or somewhere for whom wrote on the map (a number marker perhaps) so that they are responsible for what they write and other players can choose to block that player or not....as some players just love to harass other players or write foul/disturbing language on the map completely unrelated to dungeon mechanics. -----------Optional to read--- A while ago, just another tragedy for me...I deleted party tab and hide speech bubble so didn't see all these 'drama' going on until in cross server lobby i read the par
  12. change it on ur setting to window then back to fullscreen?
  13. there were many exp charm given out from event or daily challenge boxes that is enough to lvl u up more than hm 13
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