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And yet another nerf?


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Soul Fighter


Lightning Fist (2) and Leg Sweep (4) now share global cooldowns


Anyone else feel like they are being robbed by this change? Our class, which used to be one of the strongest in PvP, continues to be destroyed into the ground by the dev team. I would like to use this opportunity to ask why the dev team continues to make Soul Fighters more and more useless in PvP? And yet other classes that excel at PvP continued to be buffed or untouched.

Could I please get someone from the community management team or the dev team to discuss the changes to Soul Fighter? 


I would also like to make some suggestions to our skills: 

1)Stance shift (tab) should get a cool down reset when SS is used. 

2)All three Elbow Smash skills should have their cooldowns cut in half (from left to right: 1.5s, 3s, 3s)

3)Decrease all Q and E skills from 12s to 8s


Please add to this discussion with your thoughts.



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Hey there,


I dont really see that much of a nerf in this change mentioned here, but isn't it much more bothersome to have our Knock up moved to the f Key? ... hopefully they are doing it right and at least put it as low as possible in the priority list but knowing how it always was ... i dont have that much hope. And if that would be the Case it could be considered a nerf for both PvP and Pve.


Also the patchnotes about the Dragon braclet are kinda irritating ? Are they gonna remove the dmg Bonus for froststorm ? If that would be True it gonna be a big slap in the Faces for those Running around with it.





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the Change of our Knock up skill should be a error in the patchnotes in korea they change it back after a week with the patch from 28.6 or even befor this patch . Since we get the 28.6 patch today the Key for the Knock up skill should not change. The part with the Dragon Bracelet is an translation error it should be :

The effect of Divine Dragon Bracelet for Soul Fighter now grants 240%/320%/400%/800% additional Attack Power damage for Kingfist during Golden Dragon, down from 300%/400%/500%/1000% . this change doesn't affect the Bonus Damage for  Frost Storm.

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"... this change doesn't affect the Bonus Damage for  Frost Storm"

I hope its true and its only a bug. Currently we have no Bouns Damage on Froststorm on our Braclet :(


Can someone comfirm and can please poste a Picture frome Korea, China Endgame patch please? In the Bug Report is one picture frome Taiwan, but i dont know about Taiwan have the same Patch status as Korea,China.

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