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Getting Back ingame Aus

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Hi I'm getting off a break of B&S it's been almost 2 years since i lasted played, I'm at Australia Melbourne I know I've missed a lot so if u can a brief catch up would be nice but I need some questions answered


1. What sever should I use?     - last time i use poharan sever that that failed, is there a best sever like Jiwan or Mushin sever?

2. Is there a class that isn't too hard or easy that will work from where i am in the world?        -last i played was a blade dancer was that not the best opinion IDK?

3. Should i just play a different version of B&S on the JP or TW sever?        -i do have an account on the JP sever should i play on that?

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There's many servers merge already so I can say that all servers so considerably have similar populations *I'm not the one to keep track of them*.

 If you go to the class selection, there should be a stars aspect in the upper left corner. Blade Master are the *hardest* to play and for Lyn, I believe it's Blade Dancer. Usually I say aim for the Lyn for Summoner class for easiest class, but it depends.

The JP servers are actually more up to date than ours so if you really want to play more up to date game, go with JP. Otherwise, it's up to you.

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