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  1. I dunno. I mean it's easier to play on EU than NA without Laptop-optimization... At least on NA, I have to have it checked. I seen the changes today so I'm slightly flabbergasted by you guys complaining about ping when I get like 7 fps with 200+ ms in NA... And that's with optimization on.
  2. Yo know that's not going to help a lot for us. He was switching between fire and ice to fight against them and we don't have that ability anymore.
  3. Have you register for the gift pack for this loely day? If yes, then you go to My Account, Redeem Code, BnS Game Tab and claim it there.
  4. Go to My Account, Redeem Code, BnS game tab and claim it there.
  5. At least you don't need to keep the lower level break through items...
  6. I agree. I can actualy fill up my first skinny winny tab with them... And still have some left over.
  7. I just have to STRESS how unique this class is.
  9. The gear are basically trash. Just get rid of them when you get break through items that is for lower levels than lvl 50...
  10. You do forget our version is way behind KR right? It'll be even prob months or even a year before that class happen for Lyns.
  11. They are already planning to make Showroom free in few months tbh. It'll be a while though.
  12. should be about an hour and 15 minutes to go. They started at 4 AM PST and will end at noon if everything goes alright. So basically 8 hours of maintenance for this update.
  13. I would also love to see it to be free. I litterally have my first tab full of outfits... And I needed those space.
  14. It is almost like 0.07% drop rate I believe. Might be more than that but def less than 5%. But of course, NCSoft actually did break some laws in couple of countries, seeing this is considered as gambling. With these rates, you actually have to reveal the actual rates per drops instead of hiding them as laws' required them to do. Not that they would do that.
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