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Fresh lvl 50


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What soul shield to focus on while I farm my square diamond in tower infinity lvl 20, get my pinaccles, and save gold for my weapon before the dark origins expansion?


Should I just go for mix and match yeti and asura or is this not optimal, I need some guidance I'm reading some information but I'm worried it is outdated.



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Well you got several options...


First of all a reminder, the set effects are important, so most of the time you get more if you get one whole set effect, for example 3 pieces of ss A and 5 of ss B. please not 4 different with 2 pieces or something like that, you loose quite a bit otherwise.


So now for actual pieces ;)

I did get the whole 8 set of asura as a start. This is by no means optimal, but the 8 set bonus of asura is better than 3 yeti, plus it is easy to get. If you happen to have 3 yeti and not all asura, you can start with that as well. 

The next dungeon soul shield you would want to get is the one from ebondrake citadel(EC). The structure of the bonuses is similar to asura. Both have 3-ap, 5-crit and 8-piercing/hp.

So piercing and hp as set effect from these ss are not the thing you want to aim for. So you could excange from 8 Asura (as example) to 3 EC/ 5 Asura to 5 EC/3 Asura, depending on what you get and this way get the ap/crit from EC and the ap from Asura.

Depending on your class, you also want to do msp. The first 5 soul shields are easy to get (or i was just unlucky with the last 3 ^^) and offer good set effects and better numbers in general. If you get extra specific numbers, like 2 time number 3, please keep them, you need them later for upgrading your soul shields. 


This was just what to get in general, now the souls shields got numbers as well ;) Although i don't know all classes, i kinda doubt you are doing much wrong when you aim for crit as priority. The others just kinda come along (not so sure about tanks though)


So as a personal preference, what I would do:

Asura 8

EC 3 / Asura 5

EC 5 / Asura 3 (but collect all EC so i get all numbers)

MSP 5 / EC 3 (which for me meant EC number 6/7/8, as i didn't drop the other msp)

If you go for 8 msp ss or not really depends on your class, I can't really help there... Also I personally would go this way, as i always lack the moon stones needed for opening msp ss, so if you got them, you could go msp earlier. (As said, I don't know every class, not sure if every even goes msp souls shield to some extend, but at least i think i saw it on many people)


Well i hope you get the principle behind these, of course later dungeons also have ss, but the principle is the same basically.

As for upgrading, that can wait a bit as you collect them, so don't worry too much in this moment.

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