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Summoner Build


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44 minutes ago, KuroBang said:

whats the pve skill rotation for a Earth Build Summoner?

If you have Baleful:

3 (petal Strom toss) > 1 >F (Flying Nettle). When Ivy Poison about to run out (1-2 sec) Cast Bloom n Doom. Spam lmb/rmb, 2 when available. Repeat. 

Make sure not to use Flying Nettle right after bloom n doom, since it will mess up your photosynthesis stacking. Wait about 5 sec. 

If you have Seraph, the rotation is more forgiven, since nettle cd is shorter. I'm at stage 10, so I can spam nettle whenever it available.

Get magnum badge and full msp set. 

Once you get to Black Tower, and you wanna stick to earth, replace Magnum with Alluvium, which will stack photosynthesis without the need of Bloom n Doom/Flying Nettle. 

Always pay attention to your ivy poison, sunflower does more dmg to enemies affected by it. 

Wait 5 sec between bloom n doom and nettle. 

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