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Game Launch + Loading


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Hello, I downloaded the game today... Took 5 million years to finish the Download.

Then I tried to launch BnS, it was amazing, took 20min, then created my char and wanted to start my story and adventure in Blade and Soul, since i've always wanted to try out this game, Loading screen 25min still didnt complete the loading. Task Manager > End process > Unistall.

Taking almost 1h just to get into a game isnt my type...

And I have a pretty decent computer...


Thank you very much for this experience. :)

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BnS is not the best friend of almost all antivirus softwares. You could start with this checklist:

- your connection was stable during the entire download? If not, it could damage and corrupt some files or archives;

- try excluding the BnS install folder from the antivirus scans;

- try disabling your antivirus software for a while

- try more RAM memory - BnS IS a little demanding game

- you got two GPUs? Like Intel Integrated HD and Nvidia? Try forcing the game to choose the best of them inside the video card configs


I really like  this game, so my opinion is that it worth the try.

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