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advices to improve ping or what.


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I've a 100mega fiber, I play from europe, Im a returning player.
I almost always had an ingame ping shown between 90 and 130 ms, without pingboosters or such. I used pingzapper for some time to stabilize ping in a way to be able to try playing arena in a competitive way, then pingzapper servers got screwed and turned pointless using it.

I came back since 3 days, I'm used to servers lagging weirdly due to patches but this is way too weird. Rite now I cant even play the game cuz I've 250 to 400ms shown in game, lagspikes and skills goin off 3 seconds after when I click them.
So I decided checking firewalls, antiviruses and net resources in task manager. This is what came out:

it's just weird to have 50 ms to server and 500 in game ijs

Any advice to fix ping?

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I hate to say this, you're out of luck.

I have the exact same issue, I'm from NA.

Short version of what looks to have happened is that sometime around 3 weeks ago the server got a background change to their software. A number of people got better responses from the server during that time while a smaller number that includes me (and I believe you) started getting slower responses. If you check your ping it'll change based on what you are doing in the game and also how populated the area is. (If you are affected by this.) Now also that delay you notice that's higher than what your ping should be giving you, that also points to it being the server.

I've done traceroute stuff and while there's an area where it filters out ICMP packets (level3) it doesn't show that I have any network issues. Checked for virus, repaired client, etc. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the only thing that it can possibly be is the server. I also talked to support already, lets just say it didn't go well.

I've had this since the apparent "software update" that was applied to the servers, which has been over 3 weeks. However some people who have had this have only had it for a few days. It might go away like it did for the others, but it might not. Pretty much all you can do is hope it goes away.


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