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Hexagonal Gem Transmute Bug


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I would like to request compensation of 4x standard hex peridot (immunity), 2x standard hex amethyst (+dmg), and 2x standard hex ruby (+dmg), and 5g in material costs.


Nowhere in the description for transmutation does it state that you can receive anything OTHER than a 'brilliant' gem upon success.


In 4 separate attempts, despite a 'success' notice, I received a single 'standard' and not a 'brilliant' hex gem identical to the input gem, in effect destroying all but 1 of the gems, materials and resulting in a complete loss.


According to customer support, this is working as intended, but it is obviously not so. They have refused to acknowledge this as a bug.


The loss I incurred was 2 hours to transmute approx. 2,000 Square gem chests, 30-40g+ in gem value, and 5g in material costs (soulstones and hex fragments). I have now also spent approx. 2 hours attempting to explain this bug to customer support and filing this report.


In fact, support thrice contradicted themselves: Once stating that this is possible when transmutation fails (despite lack of a description), after I'd already stated that all 4 resulted in 'success'. Previously, they had said this was stated in the game and on the website patch notes, but the only thing the patch notes refer to are the attributes of the gem being influenced by the input. Once again, when stating that the result is random even if all 3 gems are identical, which in my dozens of test cases proves not to be the case.


Furthermore, the result is only 'untradeable or unable to sell on marketplace' if one of the input gems had that modifier. If none of the gems have this modifier, then it is tradeable, but the generic description erroneously states that the result is not.


The way in which fragments are not lost upon failure (only additional materials) would also be inconsistent with that behaviour, thus misleading. There needs to be a consistent answer to these questions as well, which I've been unable to obtain from support.




In short: Nowhere is it stated that a 'success' can result in anything OTHER than a brilliant gem, but in 4 cases, they contained a standard gem, identical to the input gem. It's not listed as a possible 'success' result in the info dialog box, or as part of the item description.



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Another 'success', which results in a 'failure'. Now lost yet another 2x hex amethyst (+120 life drain).


Total is now 4x standard hex peridot (immunity), 2x standard hex amethyst (+dmg), 2x standard hex amethyst (+life drain), 2x standard hex ruby (+dmg), and 7g in material costs (approx. loss of 57 gold).


Edit: I'm clearly being mislead by a 3rd support rep now.


In this new update: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/gem-crafting-transmute-changes/, any gems that are below heptagonal will have a 100% success rate of transmutation. Meaning, you will get a random gem 100%. You may obtain a different gem like a Brilliant Hexagonal Gem or the same gem that you have used for the transmutation since this is random. 

If you feel that the functionality should be changed or could be improved, you are more than welcome to post your suggestion on our Official Forums. You can find them at the link below:


As I've mentioned before, you will get a random gem via transmutation. You may obtain a different gem or  the same gem that you have used for the transmutation since this is random. In line with this, I'm unable to restore the gems or other used items because they have been consumed even though you have obtained the same kind of gem.

None of these statements are true. Please train better support reps, as this is the 3rd occasion on which I've had comprehension issues with them. The 'same kind' and an 'identical gem' are not the same thing.


Blade and Soul Logic - "Where success means FAILURE!"


Or maybe some Ghost in the Shell - "We're not even sure if Project 2501 really is a bug."


And maybe the continuation of that quote as cryptic video game design logic sarcasm?


"What if it's a tool Section 9 uses to get their way with things? Imagine if they lost control of it. They'd be screwed if they couldn't get it back!" - Ishikawa



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I have once again been linked to misleading web pages by support in an attempt to disguise this bug, which I will quote here:




The success rate for transmuting gems below the Heptagonal tier is 100%, but the type of gem you will receive will be random. However, the gem received can be influenced by the type used when transmuting. For example, if you use 2 Stun Rubies and 1 Additional Damage Ruby, you will have a higher chance (although not guaranteed) of receiving a Stun Ruby as a result of the transmutation.

Nowhere does this state that the 'success' result may be ANYTHING other than a BRILLIANT gem. It simply states that the result is influenced by the type (+stun, +dmg, etc)...


It seems support doesn't even know how these features work, they are just sending me scripted responses and quoting this page incorrectly.




Be careful, while special event Transmutations always succeed, normal Transmutation recipes do have a chance to fail. Failing to Transmute Gems can cost you currency, though you get to keep your materials. In the case of Outfit Pouches, you can lose your crafting components as well!

This link PROVES that you cannot LOSE the input materials even upon failure! So why would ALL BUT ONE be lost on success? There is no sense to this logic.


Furthermore, the screenshots I provided PROVE that the 'success' RESULT cannot be ANYTHING other than a BRILLIANT gem (as per the in-game descriptions), or it must be listed as a possible result, which it is not.


Edit: In hindsight, it would seem support isn't even reading my responses or attempting to understand the problem, they are trying to 'handle the matter as efficiently as possible' by not reading them and sending scripted responses. What a terrible service.




Here is the final proof there is indeed a bug. Either:


A. There is a bug in the description for hexagonals, and I ought to be recompensed.


B. There is a bug in the functionality, and the description is correct, and I ought also be recompensed.


This is clearly stated in the transmutation results for Heptagonal gems.

However, it is not stated for Hexagonal gems, which clearly contains the phrase 'Contains' instead.


Edit: Sparkling hexagonal is also missing this description.

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as someone who is transmuting gems in a massive amount since of the release of this method, i can tell you it is intended.

at the start there was no indicator that it can fail or anything. a while ago they added the failure text 


there is no  bug with this and it cleary says that it can miss

after transmuting over 1000 brilliant gems and 100 sparkings i can tell you that the chance is 50% for both

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So, despite providing evidence that there is a bug in the description of the function now, support has denied that this bug exists.


@rjinxil Please read the post first (some advice for support as well). You'd then realize that Hex is missing that description, while Hept is not. Therefore, this is a 100% CONFIRMED bug. Your screenshot also doesn't illustrate anything and is just taking up space (I already said they were all 'success').


End of story, but compensation still denied... LUDICROUS.


Do you, or do you not admit there is an error in the description for Hexagonal gems as per my last screenshot?

I have now posed this question to support, and I'm expecting to be lied to and mislead again, no doubt, 100%. These guy can't even comprehend basic English. In fact, they don't even respond to your questions, and just send scripted responses... Not a single question responded to out of dozens that I posed; due to ignorance.


Complete and utter failure of a support team; just another bug to add to the list.


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As my fellow GM said, there is no bug and that is an intended mechanic of the Transmutation System.

Here you have it! The official answer, and a denial of the facts, despite it being OBVIOUS from that screenshot, they didn't even bother to look at it!


I put several hours into this problem, and support won't even put 5 minutes into it. That's extremely disturbing. What diligence! Much support! Very ignorance!


@rjinxil Seems like a comprehension issue to me. For the 3rd time now, they were NOT failures. Have a look at screenshot 3. Heptagonal clearly states it can result in a standard gem, as well as a brilliant. Hexagonal is MISSING that description. Stop trolling around. It's not working as DESCRIBED at all (maybe as 'intended', but that is not made clear).


Also, have a look at the website:


The success rate for transmuting gems below the Heptagonal tier is 100%

This is INCORRECT once again! Hexagonal description states they have a chance of failure, hence 'below the Hexagonal tier is 100%'; one mistake after another.


Edit: And yet ANOTHER misleading response by a rep who refuses to admit the problem or even view a screenshot as evidence.


As previously stated by my colleagues, the mechanics of the Transmutation System is working as intended.

Any further update regarding this request will produce the same response from us.



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Here is a reference image clearly showing the discrepancies in item descriptions: The final nail in the coffin.


Can we get confirmation of this bug now, due to the upcoming gem transmute changes? Before you ninja in a fix and deny it ever existed?


Thanks. Although, not expecting one because since when do companies admit to bugs in their software? ;\


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