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BT - 3rd Boss, instant death (Spear & Shield)


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I need a bit of help,


I have for days hunted the web for a solution for a issue Iam having on the 3rd bosses in Black Tower. Iam a warlock usually #5 or #6 in the line up. I am able to traverse the half circles with ease, usually. When I get to either the shield or the spear boss half circle. I am okay. We return to the boss we all began @ as soon I get over the last laser or as soon as they do their swipe mechanic I die instantly. To try and counter this I use a potion, drop my healing circle, and use my Bastion. I bumped my defense to 30 points and attack to 15. 135,155 health. I am dead on the floor.  We have been on this boss for about 3 weeks. The combat log has nothing to indicate why I died. We have managed to kill it for two weeks in a row.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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