[ Suggestion/Request ] Improvements to Clan System

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Hi everyone, especially Clan Leaders,


I have been playing since the launch of B&S NA server. Have waited and waited but nothing has been done thus far on the clan system. 

So am attempting to write in again in hope that something can be done in near future.


In this thread, anyone can post your opinion, suggestions, request and what you love to have for clan system.


I am not going to ask for some new content etc, but am going to just request for some minor items that can improve the management of the entire clan system.


1st Request ( Last Log in Date Stamp)

This is not some new technology. Almost every game out there even mobile andriod/apple games have last log in date stamp of their members. Currently this is not available in blade and soul. Clan leaders have to spend a great deal of effort to create check in systems/procedures to actively monitor active members and remove inactive ones. A last log in date stamp will help resolve this problem.


2nd Request ( Clan Notice increase text limit)


The clan notice is rather short at 120 text characters. Would be great if it can be increased to 300 characters or more. 

It will be bonus if the notice flashes every half an hour or one hour. Right now, clan leader have to repeatedly click edit, and save changes for this notice to appear for members who have just logged in. Yes this notice is at the top of the chat box when we first log in, however lets be honest, its flooded by Developer's long passage of text and no one notices this clan notice text at all within the chat box. If only clan notice has a pop up box when we log in, that would be great. But i ain't going to expect too much. Just increasing the text character limit to 300 would be most appreciated and its not difficult to do either.


3rd Request (Increase Clan Member capacity limitation)

Some clans are really reaching widely to various nationalities and using social media to engage members. These clans caters for large number of members which also in turn means more player base for the game and possible profit for the development and sustainability. However, the capacity limitation is limiting everything that has been said.


My clan for example uses forum, facebook, discord, homepage reaching players from NA to SEA. We constantly have this issue of running out of clan slot capacity. 80 is just not enough to hold all our members together. I sincerely hope we can increase the number to whatever max capacity the game's algorithm can hold. I have seen strong clans that is able to hold 300 members in games. Blade & Soul has so much potential and so much to offer, it is a pity at this point that the clan system is often most neglected.



Personally, i believe in having the basic fundamentals (so call foundation) set up strong and proper. No doubt innovation will engage interest, but without a strong foundation to support it, that temporary interest will undoubted become frustration. Large clans can be positively competitive, they can really contribute be it in getting more player base to spending on Ncoin to sustain the game. 

I hope this message reaches the development team and some how, we get a solid foundation we can be proud of.


Thank you





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