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New to game, need advice on how to not suck while leveling


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KFM master is hard one but I find it to be most fun.

if you could be little more detailed as of where your having difficulties, things will be much easier to explain.


KFM basic combo(wind build) is 2RF. if timed right you can cancel animation of all 3 skills. 2, R, F 


counter(1), sidestep(Q or E), back step(SS) are your basic survival skills. Q,E, SS are also called iframe skills and there are few others immunity/iframe skills but you have to spec them in your skill tree.


when your fighting a boss type mob, you'll see yellow/red thing on the ground. they are boss skill indicator showing range of  their skill.

yellow ones you can block, red one you have to use your iframe skills to avoid getting hit. 


i wish i can explain things better but my English isn't that grate.

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