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Requirements for Mushin 9F


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Hi guys,


A friend of mine can't get into the portal that gives access to the hall where you can enter Mushin's 9th or 15th floor.

Do you have any idea about the requirements? he is level 50 and already completed the main story line.

He didn't kill mushin yet but some guildies told us that they didn't either but still can access Mushin 9F without any issue.


Any help will be much appreciated,


Thank you

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26 minutes ago, Zedonia said:

He should be able to do 9-15 after beating 1-7. You get a new quest which leads there. Just go up to floor 2 in mushins hall. I can confirm that it works because I did it with a low alt from me.

Ok thanks a lot, we'll give it a try!

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