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6x6 Matchmaking suggestion


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I'm Sure this thread was discussed many times.  And i'm sure NCsoft doesn't care about that as long people keep on paying money. Every time i join 6v6 battleground all i can see, that 1 team is in pure advantage of level, equipment and classes. 


Many times saw that 1 team have all players with HM10+ peoples with AP 700+, and other team, well maybe 1 HM10 person if they are lucky. Or 6 summoners against mixed classes.

Matchmaking doesn't even bother to match up Teams regarding equipment, and level. which is the biggest factor in 6v6 battleground. All it does, Take all high level Peoples and put in 1 Team, And everything what's remaining into another Team.  So therefor, you can rarely see even match. 


So my suggestion, that Matchmaking should keep in check and segregate EVENLY on both Teams, Peoples by Level,  AP rating And Class not just by Battleground Rating. That's what's called BALANCE in other games who have more fair matchmakings.


I saw suggestions to make AP caps, for lower AP and higher. But that would increase Que time. What i suggest something like this:

1st Team Have 6x HM10 and 2nd team Have 6x HM8 players (HM10 AP should be higher cause they spend more time in game) 

So after Matchmaking should be:

1st 3x HM10 3x HM8 and 2nd 3xHM10 3x HM8


This would allow to get more BALANCED teams, more even matches, Better experience in battleground, and more challenging gameplay. Not just poor RNG with massive frustration, and smashed keyboard.


I know many people wouldn't like it, but those people with 750+AP smashing low levels in battleground wouldn't be happy about any fixes


Thanks for Reading


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Very bad experience with blade and soul,  6v6 very not balanced at all, people get AFK or leave party for no reason.


Nc soft need to do alot of work compare other mmorpg

they should give penality to people getting afk or leaving party.   They need to take exemple from Overwatch.

With overwatch they give penality  i know its not the same game but its a good exemple :


1 = they need to kick the players that goes afk for the 20 first second with first warning,  if they go again afk with other group .. he will be kick again and will have penality so by exemple losing 100 or 200 battleground pts and if goes again afk ..losing 300 pts etc..


2 = Bns need to match up total of attack groups pts vs enemies team... to have the best average match up possible ( that game very not balance for 6v6 )


3 = if someone leaves grp .. system should found automatically a other player to not penalize the group.


they tried to fix by going in battleground 2 by 2 but its not even fixing issue with balancing group at all.


i did leave game for 6 months and back since 1 week....  very very bad experience  with 6v6 and i know alot of people have same experience but dont take time to write on forums.

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