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FPS stuttering every 5 secs! PLEASE HELP!


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Ok, first of all thank you for reading this, I highly appreciate it.


At the beggining of the game my game ran smoothly, i don't remember when was it that it started doing this stuttering thing that just made my game unplayable completely to the point that i quit, however being it a game that I've waited to play for years now it really does bother me that I couldnt come up with a solution to this on my own, hence, me asking for help here.


Every 5 secs my game drops 30-35 fps. After that I get 80+ constantly because I set that as my cap. I had a GeForce 650 ti GPU which was what I thought to be the problem, BUT, I upgraded it to the new and improved 1060, and it's still doing the same thing! I kinda knew that the graphics card wasn't really the problem, since I was getting 60+ fps on my previous one. 


My computer is XPS 8700 

Intel i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz

GPU Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 GB 


I will try to upload images so that you can see more of my system. 


Any response is highly appreciated guys. 


Kinda regards, 





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Hey! So I'm going to recommend something. Tell me if it works? I just accidentally found this, and I'm gonna post it in general discussion.


Step 1: Right Click your desktop screen.

Step 2: Go to "NVIDIA Control Panel"

Step 3: Click on tab "Adjust Images with Setting Preview". 

Step 4: Look at the slider. There will be two options, Performance and Quality. From what I understand, everyone's graphics card is automatically set to Quality, but scroll down to "Balanced". 


I accidentally discovered this a few hours ago and noticed that my game had almost no stutters after it. I even went as far as turning my graphics up all the way with all the effects (except Motion Blur, *cricket* that) 

And I had 90 FPS in PvP. I normally have fluctuating FPS in Arena, but I noticed that it didn't spike as much as well.

Hope this helps!

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