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  1. I don't see where I said that xml had anything to do that, but thank you for stating the obvious.
  2. Title. The amount of bugs in the game right now is ridiculous. Status bar not showing the cooldown of Q/E, whatever the hell the xml fix was, whatever this is: https://clips.twitch.tv/TardyBigAniseNerfRedBlaster Just, please. Bring the servers down and fix this shit.
  3. Warlock is not in any way nerfed. You are being dramatic.
  4. So I am returning to PvE after a year so I figured I would begin by getting the Duelist Bundle for HM skills which I will do later today, however, I wanted to ask, what exactly does the Mastery Bundle do and is it worth it? The only things I see that I recognize are the Gems and the HM Energy. I'm not entirely sure how accessory upgrades work now. Do people upgrade the accessories given in the bundle or? Also, what do the rest of the mats and the bundle go towards? For context, the last time I PvP'd, I believe Shattered Masts was the latest dungeon, and I had a True Scorpio Bangle on m
  5. *Sigh.* This game is just continuously giving me reasons to not play it anymore. I can't log into Blade and Soul while using Battleping anymore. It continuously says that the game is "on maintenance" whenever I try. Which is weird, because it was fine yesterday. Any fixes?
  6. Curious as to what you could mean, because I do not see that option.
  7. I recently returned to BnS and I would like to try out the 64 bit version of the game, however, I cannot launch it. It's in my game's files, but I'm unsure how to make it launch. I tried using the client.exe in the 64 bit bin, but it asked me to launch the game through the NCLauncher, which launches the 32 bit version by default. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Sorry, but this doesn't apply to me. The support link is not helpful at all, as I have reinstalled about 3 times now. From the site's download.
  9. None of the offered solutions worked. :/
  10. Since I decided I wanted to PvP, I was slapped with this annoying update bug. Anyone have any idea on how to fix it? I even tried uninstalling and this came up again.
  11. Is anyone else experiencing the phonomenon that their Camera is no longer telling them that they are targetting a person even though they are right in front of them? Specifically, this problem happens in PvP (I only play for PvP) I've noticed it for a few days now, and the consequences of this should be pretty freaking obvious. I now have to *GUESS* on whether or not I am targetting a Summoner or their cat. This is ridiculous. PLEASE fix this ASAP.
  12. Sooooo I only PvP in this game, but even so I had terribad FPS in Arena, and I would actually lose some matches because of my FPS suddenly dropping to 30. However, I *accidentally* found a fix for this, and I just wanted to share it in hopes that it might help someone else. Step 1: Right click your desktop. Step 2: Click NVIDIA Control Panel Step 3: Look for the slider with the three options Quality, Balanced, and Performance. Step 4: Scroll to "Balanced". I did this accidentally when I was trying to switch my colour settings. A
  13. Hey! So I'm going to recommend something. Tell me if it works? I just accidentally found this, and I'm gonna post it in general discussion. Step 1: Right Click your desktop screen. Step 2: Go to "NVIDIA Control Panel" Step 3: Click on tab "Adjust Images with Setting Preview". Step 4: Look at the slider. There will be two options, Performance and Quality. From what I understand, everyone's graphics card is automatically set to Quality, but scroll down to "Balanced". I accidentally discovered this a few hours ago and noticed that my game had almost no stu
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