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Question about Grand Harvest Raid and SSP boss items


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So I have just started doing Grand Harvest and SSP but I am a little confused on how to get the items for the quests. Do I have to be the one to kill the bosses or is it something that drops once the boss is killed by anyone? sort of like E.Fleet, where say people are already in the middle of killing Poharan, then I join in and I still get the items I need when she dies.
I hope you can understand what I am asking lol
Thanks everyone xx 

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The bosses in the grand harvest square raid and soulstone plains work the same as the bosses in raid zones such as e. fleet, zaiwei ruins and so on.

To get kill credit and quest drops you need to do above a certain amount of damage to them ~

Scoring the last hit on them will reward you with a duplicate of their loot chest however if you haven't met the minimum damage requirement you won't get credit/quest drops or the regular loot chest.


Soulstone plains is generally pretty busy around the clock since the rewards from it are used all the way into the current and future endgame gear however grand harvest raid is only really packed on the first set of them every day.


If you check your ingame clock above the minimap you can see there are 3 raids each day on grand harvest square and they take place on the first 5 channels of the zone all at once.

You can try to hop on a different channel hoping for a lesser turnout or in search of bosses that've already died on your first channel however there are generally significantly less people on the 2nd and 3rd raids of the day compared to the initial prime time one.

If you feel a tad undergeared or want an easy time getting credit on a boss you can attempt to free some captured prisoners in grand harvest square who will reward you with some fairly potent weapons that have limited use, similar to the ones in e. fleet and such ~

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