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Blade and soul Machinima preview


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So for those of you who does not know what a Machinima is basically a "proper" term of making a Cinematic scene from real time computer graphics.
I've been making machinimas pretty much since senior year of high school and it has been improving each time I worked on a new Machinima. My ideals comes from music and most of the time the images that I vision in my head do not make it to the final projects. 

Here is one project that I am currently working on:

This is the first time I went in depth of fighting with the UI off, This is is the ideal focus point for my videos. I hope you do enjoy the 8 sec preview. I did cut the song out and cut some scenes out as well. But it should be up... whenever I get the chance to work on it. The channel is also a new channel... I made this channel solely dedicated to this game.

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