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wintraders in 3v3 + deleted thread


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Ive just seen a thread today where some guy posted screens from the ingame fm 3v3 ranking and said that those fms where obviously wintrading. Well yes they are and its not only fms its also a bunch of other classes. At this point im not sure if anyone legit made it to diamond this 'season' in tag matches, but im 100% sure 99% are deffinitively wintraders without a dout and at this rate they most likely will get the top 5 skin and like 10k soulstones next week, right? Amazing work ncsoft!....


Also i was about to reply to that thread, but appearenly it got deleted and i was no longer allowed to reply.

So thats how you deal with *OBVIOUS* wintrading? Delete evidence nobody will notice?

6  of the diamond summs are up there pretty much since you applied this ranking system. Guess why it was exaxtly 6 persons always playing at the same time? Hard to figure that out.


Nobody cared about 3v3 wintrading when there was no real rating and no season reward. It probably was even 'healthy' back then as actual active pvp players did wintrade to get their hm skills with less effort and yes that worked and still does. Being in diamond and having your games all end in notime gives you A LOT more beans then anything else. Though now that there is a ranking its no longer like this. Not to mention that all those diamond tards are doing it to get season rewards and other things they can sell. Might even be money seller in there tbh. But they are most certainly no pvp players, they are milking arena rewards for other purposes. I would not mind it as much if there where actual good pvp players in diamond who just beat up everyone until they got no more ques to then wintrade some beans and get their skills, but its not even that.


Most of them are probably not even real players, but bots.

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