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Sending multiple items by e-mail & Bulk mail ingame


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I'm here to suggest 2 improvments to the ingame email system.

The first it's all about to add more slot for the items, so you will able to send more than 3 items  per mail.

Like in this pic


Personally, I've to send 8 Items everyday to 9 different chars in my account.. and that's mean i've to send 27 email. 
I think there're many other players with the same boring issue.....also for sending upgrading items from a char to an other one in the same clan.

I wondering why only 3 items per mail.. there's not a logical reason because the Mailing Fee change on which kind of Item, the stack and the valor. So... Where's the problem to send and receive email with more than 3 items?


The second is: why I cant send multiple emails? By insert in the Recipient: "Nickame, Nickname2, Nickname3" ?
And it will be awesome... really awesome, get an option to send the same mail to ALL THE CLAN MEMBERS. Like a bulk mail in a forum.
(pss hey, we have the mail discount but i've to send 80 mails anyway!)



That's all, for now..
I dont think anything will change tbh. But report and suggest it's always a part of be a good player.


Thanks, bye.




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