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Greetings, I am a Cerulean member on the Hajoon server (I imagine some of you are already shaking your head as you read this predicting where this is going) I joined this game back at the start when it first came out, Crimson has always been the dominant faction on this server for as long as I could remember. I quit the game when the first expansion came out because the new areas faction stuff was simply impossible because every single channel had no less than 4 crimson waiting and no cerulean what so ever. So I ended up quitting the game. 


Fast forward about 4-5 months?


Crimson is still the dominant force on the map only to even more extreme I want to play this game again but everytime I try to do any of the faction stuff I pretty much get stomped I can not progress in the game because everything requires soulstones and I'm only able to get misty woods shit by myself. Crimson is "too high" to join, and I don't think I've ever seen a single cerulean member here other than myself. I can't enjoy the game like this. What do I do?  Other than cry loudly.


Is there a day when they purge all the bot accounts/inactive members from factions?

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I havent done SSP for a damn long time, i just bought the stones from the marketplace.


However, at least on windrest the population of the faction changes from time to time to equal members, maybe u should try to change factions repeatly.
A friend just changed to crimson as well after he had a few hours troubles to change it eventually worked in the end.

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