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Endarkened Clan LFM static


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Endarkened is a level 4 clan, pretty new to game, looking to recruit static people to bypass the god awful bidding system, and do end game together.

The core of the clan is Husband and Wife / Brother-in-Law atm. We are experienced gamers who have played end game in WoW, Tera, Aion, FFXI, and currently FFXIV.

We still have much to learn about B&S but have noticed that F8 dungeon lobby is bad enough to make us want to log off. So we have decided to try and find friends to

static with, with the possibility it can grow into a strong clan with a good core.


If a small knit team of friends to help you progress through gear and dailies is something you are interested in please send a friend request to Blaide (Hajoon).


Have fun~

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