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Horrible fps issues ? Help please


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CPU: Intel core i5-4460 3.3 ghz
GPU: msi geforce GTX960 gaming 2Gb
RAM: 8 GBn
Note : my game is on a old hard drive from like 2006 and not on my ssd.
My game runs on lowest settings with 30-40 fps with fps drops. What should I invest into ? Lag is killing me ... Thanks :)

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Post your graphic settings. And slide the Apply-to-All scale down to 1-2, don't check the box next to it, and keep other settings as you want.

That Apply-to-All scale actually affects other players' effects including skill effects which are very important for your fps.

If you slide it down to 1, you won't see other people's fancy skill effects at all.


The graphic settings in this game are weird. Yesterday, I tried and pressed Alt-Enter as suggested by people on the web to enter the so-called "True Fullscreen." Then the typeface of the text in the game changed, to a nicer looking one, like the one before the most recent update that changed it.

There are some settings in there where I don't see the difference between 2 and 5 like Background Effects and Personal Effects.

I have yet to see what difference several of those Special Effects actually do.

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