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  1. Personal SFX Quality and SFX Quality for Others scales are useless; they do not have any effect. The Apply to All scale, however, even if unchecked affects both Personal SFX and Others' SFX. At the moment, it's not possible to increase personal sfx quality while lowering sfx quality for others. We have either vary them both at the same time using Apply to All scale (unchecked). Please fix this, a piece of software that's not even working.
  2. These changes do not apply to flawless hongmoon gems, do they? The page doesn't mention that kind of gem. I just want to confirm this. Thanks!
  3. so your party members are giving you a hardtime because of your dps, is that what you're saying? If so, I've got it.
  4. This is the only MMORPG I've seen so far where equalized-gear pvp is even a thing.
  5. WHAT? I don't get what you're trying to say. Are you bothered by your low rank on the dps meter? If so, close it. Are you bothered because you're given more info? mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........
  6. What do you mean specifically by raids? Like Nightshade, E.Fleet, Grand Harvest Square?
  7. If I was not a fan of this game, I wouldn't play it. So drop the word fanboy. You throw words around without giving them meaning, e.g. what is "bullshit"? And what is your definition of rip-off? Voluntary exchanges are normal to me. Companies price stuff so that they have the most profit. It's completely old news; they do not have the incentive nor responsibility to price stuff so that it's available to as many people as possible. You should already know this when becoming a customer, except for some reasons that would be insulting to say. If you complain ab
  8. Dude, hold your horses, that number on top the screen is not ping, as I've recently found out. The left side looks like what I have.
  9. Complaints about P2W fall in 2 categories: dislike seeing people spending their money be jealous of people having better gear Customers want something and the company needs to make money. So the exchange takes place. How in the hell do you suggest the enterprise would sustain otherwise? Customers are not so stupid as to spend money on something they don't want. As far as I can see, they've done pretty well to avoid extreme disparity among players by making items available to everyone at a reasonable price. In other MMORPG, they have like a handful, o
  10. Arena pvp is not that fun for most people. I personally don't like playing it often. It's MMORPG; I like to play in the open world. Arena pvp is designed for people who like to play pvp as a kind of esport that requires a lot of practice. That's not really what people usually look for in mmorpg pvp. I see open world pvp is still active. By active, I don't mean that there is a big altercation happening at any time of the day. There are other contents that people want to play too and not just do faction pvp all day. But skirmishes happen here and there. Sti
  11. Is that the number displayed in game on top the screen? And you said it's AT WORST; so I guess your normal ping should be good. That 1-3s delay must be exaggerated. The number displayed in game on top of my screen fluctuates around 75-140ms, and I play just fine (with SIN and BM).
  12. Who said its "proof"? What part of "from my experience" 's meaning eludes you? And do you know my characters? I don't debate upgrade material. I have issue with people bad-mouthing other players with the word "toxic". You're so full of nonsense.
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