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Shadown Build Help


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Shadow builds are for mobbing and AoE. 


Based on HM11


Judgement - F1T4

Wrath - F2T3

Eradicate - F4T3

Galeforce - F4T4

Grab - F2T3

Knee - F1T1

Hurricane - F1T5

Gust - F1T1

Blitz - Stock

Ram - F2T4

Emberstomp - F1T5

Axe Sweep - F1T3

Upward Block - F1T4

Drag - F4T3

Power Slam - Stock

Headbutt - Stock

Execute - F3T4

Hurl - Stock

Searing Strike - F1T4

Scorching Strike - Stock

Stone Shield - F3T5

Typhoon - F1T2

Fury - F1T4

Leap Back - Stock


Against mobs

Group mobs together with Drag

AoE the mobs with Eradicate and Repulse

Use Galeforce to recover focus and drain HP


Hit mobs and gain Willpower with Typhoon

Cast Emberstomp to gain focus and do damage

Finish them off with Execute [Cast 4 times with 200 focus]


Axe Sweep, Upward Block, then Piledriver for AoE damage

Searing Strike, Scorching Strike, then Piledriver for AoE damage


Against bosses

Use Eradicate and Repulse

Use Galeforce to recover focus


Use Typhoon to gain Willpower

>> Activates Wrath for 4 sec.

Use Fury for 6 sec [Gain max focus]

Use Execute [4 times]

>> Activates Wrath for 4 sec.







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