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  1. The marketplace for me says "Temporarily Unavailable" then "We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later." then there a "Refresh" button that doesn't work.
  2. I haven't played the game in two years. While I've learned most of the changes, there are some questions I still have. 1. I'm stuck at 50/11, and I need millions of exp to level up the hongmoon level. Will I be stuck at level 50 for the rest of the story, and not be able to reach level 55? - Bing had no results, which I used before posting. I used Google now, and found out you have to continue to act 8 of a story part. 2. The marketplace hasn't been working ever since I started playing again - is it supposed to be working currently?
  3. Best combo is 3 sparring + 5 challenger. When the season resets, go to floor 46 then stop. You will be placed at floor 30. Kill the enemy there then die to the next one. You can get sparring 1-8 from that.
  4. You spec restrain for crit increase. That's it.
  5. Well, you need three people for the pellets. And they all need to contribute their amount. If there isn't three people who want pellets (or if some of the people don't have ingredients), they probably won't start it.
  6. It's a small price to pay for the ability to revive while no one is looking.
  7. So you're telling me you can exploit your way to top 30, get the amazing rewards.... and NCSoft won't do anything about it? Unreal.
  8. I'm screenshotting and reporting any and all who dc right before a loss.
  9. Blade dancer has the same crit buff in restrain.
  10. Talking about PVE: 1. Destroyer's 8s is acquired through the badge. Most people don't have it. Even if they do, you can't use restrain skills after the 6s mark, making it the same as a BD. BDs can cast multiple damage skills while grabbing, adding damage. Destroyers cannot. 2. Those skills are useless. No one is supposed to die in the first place - destroyers don't have party iframes, un-intuitively letting your teammates die; therefore letting you use iron fortress. 3. This is about Destroyers on the bottom of the dps ladder, not compared to ranged classes, but other me
  11. In random pubs, I always have the highest dps, even when I restrain. I usually do 11-16k DPS as a destroyer. But in clan runs, I am usually the lowest dps. My teammates reach 30-40k dps and I'm at 10k. I do restrain, but if I didn't, they would be at 20-30k, I would still be at around 14k. Damage for destroyers just rely on how fast you can animation cancel. But no matter how good you are, you will always be behind another class. There simply is no high damage skill you can spam. Maybe if smash could be reset multiple times like kfm's comet strike, or bm's dragontongue. This isn't
  12. It's not the enemy team in that picture. No one in your team is geared properly.
  13. People don't care about the tank. They just want to be lazy and keep doing their low dps on the boss. My advice is to ignore the boss and kill the shadows yourself, after awhile aggro will switch and the new shadows that spawn will attack the new tank, so problem solved :)
  14. Whoever has the most votes gets mvp, be it 1,2,3,4. If multiple people share votes, points get divided.
  15. They need to remove it and make it 1 queue only. For one, it removes the unfairness of having two 700+ players on one team. And the main reason - people in parties will vote each other for MVP. The point of voting is for the player who tried their best and carried their team to get extra, since they put in the extra effort. Instead you get players who just vote on their teammate, removing the purpose. No need to ask - I'm very salty.
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