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Market place Error


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20 hours ago, ToffyNexy said:

Restarting the client should fix the problem likely.

done, but still error,..

what I did for fix it
-Reboot Windows 7
-updating Windows 7
-Reinstalling Client
-Updating VGA Driver
-Updating Flash player
but I still cannot acces my market place,

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  • 2 months later...

i had the same problem as well at my pc.

found out this problem apparently it is because this these two error from the main launcher after about 1min left click.

i dont have this errors in my other laptop. marketplace is working fine in laptop too.

already did the same trouble shooting you mentioned in thread too. nothing helps

this problem is not marketplace alone. it 's also happen when i tried to view  personal details using right click icon on character.

so i think this is something due to windows java buffer overload . i'm not professional on these programming stuff.


need help to fix this errors.






please advise.




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