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  1. How much Crit %

    For the endgame, having a base of 60% crit is more than enough. With your gear proc, you will likely get around 90% crit rate (14% from raven, 15% from earring). Not to mention your whale soul as well.
  2. Frost build on new skill system

    Same. Cold snap and spam Glacial Beam (Ice Rain/2). When cold snap on cooldown, you use LMB >> RMB >> 2 rotation till Cold snap back up.
  3. The stats don't change. Why are you people confusing with KR, they have been having reversed stats long time ago. Actually we're the one that is reversed. Upgrading to Riftwalk/Dawnforged will still retain the same stats. For example in KR, their "seraph" looking bangle has the stats of our Baleful bangle, same for other classes. But again, this is not new.
  4. Cold Storage Weapon

    Wait for 12th April. They will be replaced by a "Light/Dark Stone" which is purchasable in Dragon Express at the cost of 200 Silverfrost Refining Stones.
  5. How's your DPS?

    Getting green badge and the upcoming fire mystic badge will definitely increase your DPS without upgrading your gear.
  6. I would say my raid in the first run was a "pug". We're not from same clan, totally stranger to each other, there are like 4 clans total. We took like 1 week to recruit people before actually starting the raid. Creating a discord channel, attendance book, it is that meticulous. Of course we have people leaving us, a lot actually, so we had to find replacement and luckily it didn't take long.
  7. Khanda vihar reset (quest too?)

    And you can only reset once a week.
  8. Honestly I don't know why would this issue rise up. It's not like the other region players don't have job. I play in TW, I have job, get back at home at 7, do some DC and dailies. Raid starts at 8.30 or 9 and finish at 11, until Stage 4. For first run, of course it would take you guys more time. It took my raid 2 months before we can pass Stage 4, so we've been doing 2-4 times practice a week. Now that TW got the BT nerf, we're creating second raid for our lower DPS friends, heck even alts. My advice is that, find people on the same timezone as you, willing to commit their free time for practice.
  9. Badge question

    You forgot about mystic badge. Since NA don't have mystic badge it wouldn't matter, but I think it will come very soon, like next content patch. Chaotic Sky mystic badge gives 3000% additional attack power bonus on first hit of meteor on burned target. So that's 6000% if you have green badge.
  10. BT loot sharing

    Your raid members should consists of people you can trust, preferrably your clan members and friends, not random. This is to prevent the member from leaving the raid after getting their targeted loot. In the end, it depends on "trust". Raid leader can assign himself or someone else as master loot. Everyone will be able to view the loot, but only one person at once. However only master loot can actually distribute the loot. Based on KR and TW, master loot will link the loot item and raid members will bid manually in chat. Highest bidder will then trade the master loot or whoever responsible holding the bid money. Then master loot will distribute it to that bidder. Bid money a.k.a salary can distributed to the raid members whenever they want. Usually at the end of raid day, but up to you.
  11. future patch accesory question.

    All existing Asura accessories will be changed to new Pinnacle (fixed stats) regardless of Sealed or Unsealed.
  12. New Ultimate Skills release date?

    Apparently, 6 Summoners ultimates can instantly kill Yeti if casted at same time.
  13. (accessory) more description please =]

    The Pinnacles (Asura) is pretty similar to true oathbreaker accesories. Not similar stats, but if you add up all accessories stats altogether, you will get around the same. *Spoiler*
  14. new legendary accessories

    Elemental ring and earrings from BT is 100% drop each stages, just that different stage drop different elements. Just like Foundry, Desolate, and Ebondrake each drop different elements.
  15. acrimore's jump

    He jumps to the furthest member. Acrimor doesn't have to jump to binder, but it makes it easier for binder when he does. There are various ways to do this: Normal DPS -Binder has to be furthest member (16m) while the other members including drivers stay within the square area. Binder stays outside of square. High DPS (Doesn't require driver) -Two ways to do this. One is normal way which require binder to stay outside out square area. The other way is for all members to stay inside the square, possibly in the middle (You'll have to block more of his attack). So when he jumps, he will still be inside square. Back to your question, you need to check where is the tanker standing. Once you see Acrimor face the other direction instead of tanker, ready to bind him. Usually he will face you the binder which the furthest, but if he doesn't face you or even the tanker, be ready to bind as well.