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[Help] New Gaming PC - how it works with BnS? GTX 950 + i3 4170 + 8GB RAM


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Hello so lately i wanted to build a pc for BnS, before I buy i wanted to ask the community maybe someone has a similar build and can tell me how the game is working on the machine about fps at max setting and in crowded areas like ssp.


here is the build: https://de.pcpartpicker.com/user/starly/saved/kYC2FT 

a gtx 950 is in the build but would a gtx 750ti also work good? 


Help and Suggestions are welcome :)

thanks in forward 

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Your processor and ram are fine. Have you purchased the video card yet? Why not go at least with a gtx 970 that card is pretty cost effective. I'm using the gtx 1070 and getting a consistent 60fps but no more ( i set the fps constraint slider to 120). In order to run this game with all the graphic settings it would be good if you could get at least a 970. Considering games are becoming more graphically intense tho, something like the 1070 would give you all the growing room you will need. Good luck with your new rig.


Edit: Regarding only getting 60fps. I had V-snyc enabled. Once I turned that off I began to get a much higher fps depending on the number of other players within view.

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