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  1. Op makes a great case. +1 I support the idea of better access to all games for everyone is SA. So far here on BnS I have met and played with two SA players and in each case our first topic of conversation was the bad ping these guys have to put up with and how SA does not get the access to official servers for games. My friend from Rio tells me about wanting to try out Black Desert for example but he can't because his region is locked out. I do really hope SA players start getting the attention and server access they need. If SA gets established as a region for BnS so that they have their own
  2. This might not be an issue but I've found when switching between driver versions that using the tool DDU (display driver uninstall) can make sure you get a clean uninstall.
  3. Thought I would report on how my card is doing. I have a GTX 1070 Founders Edition card running driver version 368.81. I am having no problems running BnS at very high frame rates.
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