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  1. There does seem to be something odd about the gems that the transmute system produces. I posted above that as long as you had transmuted the gem then you should be able to use it in further transmutes. However, I noticed yesterday that this is not the case at all. I purchased a ton of triangular gem fragments on the marketplace and used them to make square square gem chests. Some of those square gems would not work when I tried to use them to transmute the green pentagonal gem chests. At first I thought it might be that gems with certain abilities were no good because all of the critical rubie
  2. Here is a miracle. Yesterday someone on my server, Yunwa, linked the Blackwrym chest into faction chat. A few moments later they linked Starling which elicited some congratulatory whoops from other members of chat. Since that event happened I saw two calls for players to kill the dragon. Which just goes to show the interest in killing him is still there at least on some servers.
  3. Thanks for all the advice everyone. Yesterday after I posted this, one of my daily dash rolls hit a premium spot and RNGJesus smiled on me as I got advance to start and a third token. So I was able to get a second Ruby instead of a Peridot. This solves my problem in the best way since I can use it on the second character and then mail it to the first when I get a third Ruby. @Trix and @Unicorn both rightly point to the huge cost of upgrading these gems due to the cost of Radiant Energy and the event bound nature of Mysterious Crystals. From what I have heard nobody has seen the Kari Lord drop
  4. The system should be smart enough to detect if the exact same text has been used as a chat message several times in a row. This would keep bots from spewing out the same thing in channel every 2 seconds.
  5. The first tip i would give would be that at first make one character and put everything into making that character as strong as possible. Things go much slower if you are dividing your resources between two or more characters. Use the second slot for a crafting character to support your main. If one takes Radiant Ring/Forge Keepers then have the other take Merry Potters/Soul Cauldron, as one character is not enough to craft effectively without spending lots of gold. But give all the event rewards, daily dash items to your main and focus all your attention on it until reaching level 50 and acqu
  6. I have between 10-15 mysterious crystals (i forget exactly how many). One of them I got from the coralite event, the others all came from a stack of Rng boxes I bought. Events where you have to pay seem to be the source of these things. Hongmoon gems only come from events, and these crystals are meant to be used to upgrade the gems. It seems they have tied having upgraded gems to events where the more you spend the better chance you will have.
  7. Last night I took a close look at the outfit on my character in F3. It truly is one of the best looking outfits this game has to offer. It looks much nicer than 99% of the cash shop costumes. It is such a shame that players like myself who joined the game this past summer have such a very small chance, if any at all, to get it.
  8. I have two characters, and I plan to play both of them as much as I can. During the Daily Dash event I was able to get the Hongmoon Ruby and the Hongmoon Peridot for one character. Now at the end I have two tokens unused and can get another Hongmoon Peridot. These (and one Hongmoon Diamond 25ap) are the only Hongmoon gems I have collected so far. I would like both characters to have good gems so I at first I was thinking to just give the Peridot to the character with no Hongmoon gems. On the other hand, if I give the Peridot to the character who already has one, then I would only have to acqui
  9. That does seem to be the case. If the gem for whatever reason, like having got it as a quest reward maybe, is marked 'Unable to trade/sell: marketplace' then it's no good for transmutation. As far as I know if you use the tab to make your squares then you should be able to transmute with them. Squares from other sources work as long as they are marked 'Bind on Equip'.
  10. I know this thread is about the outfit but an important issue that comes up when talking about getting the outfit is Blackwrym himself. It seems that an issue is that not enough players are able to, or think it's worth it to, farm Blackwrym. I would love to farm that dragon not only for the outfit but the gem as well. It would be nice if changes were made so that it becomes attractive for players to farm him. The two things that seem to be the issue are that his HP is too high or higher than before and that his drop rates are too low. So it would be great if perhaps his HP could be lowered, li
  11. I also have gotten really used to the key layout and can't think of any way to remap which might be helpful. You are probably correct about the 2-RMB switch he did to make it more like the KFM. I was just curious if anyone had tried doing this sort of thing and how it worked out if they did.
  12. I suppose requiring primers for soul shield infusion will be good for people who have taken Soul Wardens as a crafting guild. Will the value of primers on the marketplace go up? If so this will give Soul Warden players some income from crafting them. In the past I tried putting a few crit primers on the marketplace but they really didn't sell.
  13. Thing is, you did not design this game Team Bloodlust did. They designed it to require the amount of time that they felt players should put into it in order to get rewards from it. As a player you can either accept the requirements which the game's designers chose to implement or you can choose not to play it. This is really very simple. If you do not think the game is entitled to the amount of time it takes to play then you should not give it your time. The game is not garbage at all. Many people like this game and enjoy playing it. If you are not one of them why do you continue to inject it
  14. I think this change will be really bad for me. My Sf is just about to hit lvl 50 and I am looking to upgrade my weapon past True Profane. As a new level 50 my AP will be below what it needs to be to be accepted by people in 6v6 to start with almost for sure. Actually I am worried about how hard it will be to even find groups to run the dungeon content I need to run as a new 50 (but that is another matter). Now my options for getting moonstones have really been narrowed down it seems. My schedule is such that I play BnS really late at night, I almost always log on after midnight. I tend to be a
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