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Soul Fighter, the game close while fighting


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I can play how much time i want with any char, but with Soul Fighter i can't play more than 30min, 99% chance to the game close if i start the BrightStone Ruin's solo with Soul Fighter.

I believe may be a bug with Resist Damage.

The game close only fighting and with resist damage, any type of resist (using C, evading, recover from knowdown).

I tested playing without resist damage, using Ice Skills and just walking or Runnning, the game not close.

I tested with Blade Dancer on the same dungeon (Brightstone Ruins), not crash.

I tested again and again with Soul Fighter using all skills, the game always closes and show the useless window to report bugs.

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I have the same problem with Soul fighter. I can play any other class just fine but whenever I try to fight bosses on my Soul fighter it crashes. Tech support was absolutely useless I don't think they ever read what you send them they just send copy paste responses for unrelated things. If anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE let me know I would like to play blade and soul again.

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I'm not sure if it's connected (maybe not? :/ ) but I also had regular crashes with my Soul Fighter in various moments, usually during a boss fight...

What helped for me was to go into the Options menu > Graphics > Advanced Settings and remove the checkbox "High Quality Physics Effects".

After doing that I didn't crash anymore, although the characters (=some of the outfits) don't look quite as beautiful anymore D:

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HI All,


i have the same problem EU Server "Frostgipfel" 


Then i use my "C" resist skill, and move + anicancel (earth) and was hit by Boss attack i crash.


Same with resist skill "C" and Ice Form.


One Guildmate crahs if he use the resist skill "C" and press "F"


Btw. Some Costumes crash more then you wear other costumes. For examples "Dark Ghost" = Dunkles Gespenst (german)

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