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Market and F2 crashing since a few days


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Whenever i press F5/open the market traders marketplace i get this error "Temporarily unavailable please try again later" thing since a few days now,

i can't progress through anything because i can't buy anything from the market, i sent a support ticket got a lot of suggestions but none of them worked,

Repairing the game, restarting the router ( which i don't think its relevant in any way) this problem is account wide, i tried my account at 3 different computers and None of them worked.

not only that, my F2 is broken too, whenever i open it its just invisible, can't put a profile picture and the overlay is invisible.

each time a different employee in ncsoft answers the ticket last response was "did you try repairing the game?" which i already told them that i did like 4 times till now, what the hell? these all bugs appeared after the damned "merge" update.


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