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  1. True... am also posting in hopes that any mod notices me and notifies if its possible ^^ And also am talking about SF Earth, Holy fire and the upcoming pink badge, pink badge is only fuseable to courage, holy fire and pink badge would go along pretty well in short fights, better then courage and pink badge.
  2. in case a X player suggests badge fusion between X and Y that doesnt exist ingame, and both badges go along pretty well, is there a case where devs will let this fuse badge into the game? Edit: Because such badge fusion certainly wont effect the class and make it broken, as it will offer different gamestyle to the class
  3. so, Recently as this post: We got shutdown from the game for straight 6 days, without any way to loggin ingame and AT the Halloween event we kinda REALLY need a compensation for those lost days, increase the halloween by a few days PLEASE, i lost ALOT of halloween pumpkins and cant get them back, comment on this post so we can get attention please. And no i can't do tomb to get 7 pcs per a day neither do i have time for bsh/supply so i only get 10x per a day.
  4. because we aren't at fault here..? they could just extend it to 20 november..
  5. Login server down? EU

    well, good luck m8, keep up!
  6. Login server down? EU

    ah.. idk bout Malaysia, at UAE it got fixed as far as ik..
  7. Login server down? EU

    idk i can freely loggin now.. strange... i live in al ain
  8. Login server down? EU

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT FINALLY Now we should get a compensation for the halloween event.. '-' please
  9. Login server down? EU

    3 Days without BNS.. guys there's a halloween event on, we're missing out days, please fix this asap like, can we get a compensate of the lost days at least?
  10. Login server down? EU

    Thank you for actually caring, responding, but as the time goes by, were missing halloween event, can we get compensated by adding some days?
  11. Login server down? EU

    Same.. https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/5aj4oq/since_when_does_uae_fall_under_russia/?st=iuzjsz78&sh=853f1b1e like wth "we got IP banned because we're considered as a part of russia"? Really? How will u compensate us of the lost days of halloween?
  12. So, in a sudden after a tons of garbage F10 weekly outfits, 2 new outfits and they price at 1300Nc/hmc and 1200 Nc/hmc with 2 accessories thats cool and costs 800 Nc/Hmc, with so LOW given time? can you extend those outfits by a week or so? it's a mistake that u brought 2 cool outfits at once. And how about putting a costume chart? just like League of legends does with their sales? state when outfits are coming when and how do they look like every month please.
  13. Wow They just "Forgot about it"? and we have to wait for about a year for it to come back? i might as well "forget" my wallet and never pay for this sht, How can a game forget for something they promised?
  14. Nevermore, spiffy shades and devilish horns (1900 Nc/Hmc total) Ends on 5 days, Crimson butterfly on a week. (1300 Nc/Hmc), Ncsoft give us some time please, i want those outfits.
  15. How, i live in Uae, ping reaches400~ using a program i reach 200~ minimum, its getting really frustrating how others get huge advantege with lower ping, i get alot of fps drops, game crashes, and alot of pingspikes, with the usual ping reaching 200, its so unfair.. I'd like to play alot of classes but due to ping i cant, class and performence is so low with high ping, its just obligatory for me to play classes that requires almost no brain with not much challenge with this ping
  16. I've never got the chance to get those 2 items bc i left that game at that time, since were back to the fall/Autumn shouldnt they appear at the event? and so is Regium corvus outfit, i Really want those 2, they're on of the best looking outfits in game rn. PS:Honorable mentions, Night Detective, Aka mafia outfit, take my wallet, just give me this outfit.
  17. Class change voucher vs Sub-class

    They wont, they benefit alot more from the actual system by people buying their services double, you want the same outfit for 2 classes?buy it twice we profit more, same for gems, items, etc, trust me they wont, they look at $$ and much-less care about our opinion.
  18. So, am kinda borred of BM, i wanna try to main classes (sin/wl/fm is level 50) i want the class of: Whom is more Fun Whom is more wanted in parties Whom is more action-packed, not borring like smn Please help :)
  19. i dont need it on my main character, now i really need it on my alt, ik its 20g, and this is why i dont wanna discard an item worth 20g, just make it account bound D:...
  20. FPS drops to 5-6 from 50-55, (btw crashed 3 times because of fps drops since new patch) PING spikes reach 500-1k, died alot in dungeons, just getting frustrated and then get disconnected by fps drops, Ncswest FTW is anyone ever having this problem? its just too frustrating man, besides it almost happens every patch after 1-2 days it gets fixed, just this patch is TOO damn strong and TOO frustrating, wth is their HQ running of? a rat? hamster? doll?
  21. they wont fix it, like literly read this: i had a problem in the game 1-2 months ago, contacted them they sent me alot of suggestions, anyway it got fixed (turned out it wasnt from them but from my internet hehe..) anyway nowdays i am seriously are having launcher issues and ALOT of disconnection issues, contacted them and guess what? the same replies from the problem 1-2 months ago, same suggestions same programs, nothing changed, i just decided to leave it since their just reposting solutions for all players, heck i even bet they have like 15~ solutions, they read your issue and pick off one of those 15 and send it to you.
  22. How bout this: after leveling Alts, There's this thing that bothered me(other then repeating Ms every alt, I just withstood it) Rng drops for evolution weapons ex: deva weap, profane weap evolution weapons etc i got a little solution so you can guarantee to get these weaps which is: let's say I farmed black ram narrows 10 times I got a lot of weapons but not mine,how bout that we can trade those 10 weapons for orbs or something (1 orb -1 weap) then take those 10 orbs and trade it for the weap of my class? Hence bosses like profane isn't really active when I loggin , let it be 10 weapons until 50? Heck even brightstone isn't active, Then after 50(after true oath to be exact) let it increase, ex: breeze weap req 15 orbs? And something like asura req 30 weapons? This WILL encourage us to level our Alts, please ncsoft make it happen!! Tired of farming things like brightstone for a lot of time to get nothing, That's IF i met players that could complete the dungeon, I get afk players or people that has low Ap to complete it,then finish the dungeon after struggle many times just to get junk weapons that are not needed, and oh boy don't get me started bout the time to get in/get kicked if I have a low Ap or something.
  23. its still RNG based and still as grindy af, imagine you want the accursed weapon, 30x orbs to exchange for ur weapon, meaning u'll need 30 >accursed weapons< and god knows how much rng and grinding does that need right? just an example. this idea still is as grindy and rng based it just >MOTIVATES< you, instead of running blindly of a 10% chance drops, and as you said i can go to the normal build, but it just frustrates you that there's another option that's cheaper but just tricks you that you'll never actually get it, it's like having a bait in a fish sink, but there's an even better bait then the one in the sink, more delicious but is hovering above it in circles for ever, how much times does the fish have to jump until he surrenders and eats the normal bait whilst looking at the delicious bait and gets frustrated. and trust me am not whining about the grind, played an even grindier MMO then bns for 3 years, it's that there you had the objectives to actually >grind< it has RNG but not on that rate. chest drops is 20% or something, then you have a 1/9 chance of your weapon dropping, hell yeah RNG ftw.
  24. Not hard getting chroma weap eh? Besides silver frost expansion is out since months, and the time it takes to get into ebondrake, and it's not easy whatsoever 30 runs and got 5 weapons, if it's 15 orbs for chrom weap then it's 100+ runs, God knows how much runs at tormented and the last one to get ur weap, really easy huh?
  25. Great news, then my idea can actually be in putted on silver frost weapons :), i mean the word grinding still is in my idea, In fact if your farming for chroma/tormented weapons rn you'll get depressed by the idea that there's a low drop rate chest itself in the dungeon THEN there's even a lower chance that if u opened the chest and got ur weap right? this idea could motivate you to farm the certain dung more, again it's only a suggestion from me don't get salty or triggered by it, my opinion, hope the devs notice this and give it some thoughts :)!