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Server lag or bug


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On almost ALL characters, after combat you find yourself unable to sprint and still in combat mode for a minute. There are occasions when you are stuck in combat mode for over an hour which is horrible for assassin mains who want to "Blink Step" or those in a party dungeon.

If it is server lag, get a devoted support team dedicated to listening to bot/spammer reports and get a good chunk of botters/spammers who are not devoted to the game removed/banned so the servers are more clear and not spammed for lag.
If it is a in-game bug then fix it and look at the skills that cause or bugs that may influence such game behavior.


This is a very annoying problem which adds to a smaller fanbase, a smaller playerbase, money losses, adds to reasons to quit, a bad corporate reputation, and more.

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This is still happening.  Please fix this.  My last party killed the first boss in Blackram Supply Chain and couldn't get out of combat mode so we couldn't leave the pit.  Everyone just left the party.


I've noticed sometimes summons can be the cause.  Doing a combat action like SS etc. can reset it.  I've not been able to find anything for sure that fixes it.

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