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Need help with force master guide


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So basically I have a lvl 50 HL 2 force master and I'm not really a pro when it comes to this game.  I've always chose a safe option when it comes to the classes I played so I always chose a class like a force master but there are a lot of cons to this class. It's actually hard to manage when it comes to pvp and getting more AP as I only have above 407ap right now.  

I kind of threw away my hongmoon access. cuz I didn't think I'd need them and I upgraded my bangle to Oathbreaker stage 10. 

I tried playing different classes but only leveled them up to lvl 25 or lvl 30 and got bored with them so I decided to stick to my force master


In short I need someone who knows more about my class to tell me what kind of accessories ( as this is a bit hard to find for me online)  and gems I should get. 

(I'm quite low on gold since I literally spent everything on upgrading my weapon and outfits don't hate) 


ALSO yes I know I can get the hongmoon gear back from the coin exchange marchant but I need virdian valor stones for that but I would have to do approx 30 dailies in virdin c. to actually get those stones and I'm not really looking forward to that. 

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Get a 25 ap diamand, that's the most important one. Than an Amethyst for lifesteal. The rest isn't that important.


Go get your hongmoon accs back. You can use the asura bracelet, but that's all. The other ones aren't good and you will lose extreme important stats. Running around with breeze accs or similar ones indicates that you are a bad player and some people will kick you out of groups even if your ap is ok because your crit and crit damage will suck without the accs.

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