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new weapon path


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hi guys,

i resume game and i m a bit lost with evolving weapon and accessory.

current equipment :

- Awakened pirate dagger stage 7

- Awakened siren necklace stage 10

- Awakened siren earing stage 10

- Awakened siren ring stage 10

- Pirate bracelet stage 10

- Siren belt stage 10


i received from quest 

- oathbreaker ring 

- skypetal dagger


what should i do with this and how i suppose to get the good path for the legendary weapon.


thanks for the further answerd and i apology english isn t my native language so i do my best to explain my problem somehow. ;p

regards Ithridel

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Accessories only have one path.  Since your weapon is at awaken pirate you don't need that skypetal dagger since that's used to upgrade from true profane to oathbreaker.  You'll still have to upgrade to True Pirate and then to True Breeze which requires Yeti weapon.  You don't have to worry about legendary until you get to true scorpion stage 10.  

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