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Step-by-step builds?


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You can't screw yourself over with what you're putting points into, because you can respec at will.  Just take whatever works for you at the levels you're at, and if you think something else would work better, try that for a while.  It doesn't even necessarily have to be a part of the same build you're going to have at level 50 -- for example, Kingfist is a very unattractive choice to put points into while leveling (IMO), especially before you have Focus Chi, because you hardly ever get to use it.  But I assume most level 50 builds want to do *something* with it.


Personally I'm leveling in a Breaking Claw spec where I try as many other ways as I can to activate the Chi buff so that I'm not dependent on crits to activate Iron Shoulder -- Howling Blast and Elbow Smash can both be specced to grant Chi -- and it's really fun when I get the timings right and get to go off; maybe there's something mathematically more efficient, but it works well enough for me.


I also have the gapcloser (2) specced into stun so that I can open with an air combo; even without a crit allowing me to weave in an Iron Shoulder before the launcher, it still takes about half the health bar off most mooks in early Moonwater (probably better if I can ever get infernal bracers to drop).  But that gives it enough of a cooldown that if I'm moving really fast I have to do every other monster in elemental stance because all my good kung fu moves are on CD.

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