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  1. Invisible char in any lobby

    In another forum it was reported that someone changed their appearance and after the change they had this bug where they didn't have it before the change. I hope this helps the devs track it down, because it really is pretty annoying.
  2. Heavens Mandate improvement Suggestion

    I haven't gotten to 50 yet, but if the person who puts up the scale gets *all* the loot, why would anyone else join at all? Fight your way through however many mobs and bosses to get absolutely nothing? 4-7g to a high level character doesn't sound like much compared to the time it takes to clear the dungeon, time you could have been using to do something else. So doesn't everyone who put in their time to clear the content (i.e. not AFK) deserve some share of the loot?
  3. The formula for the perfect bid xD

    I think you can also adjust for fees by changing the formula to (Market Price - Fees) * ((Party Size - 1)/Party Size) i.e. 5/6 of net value in a 6-man or 3/4 in a 4-man (with other fractions for non-full parties). This is the amount that, if you have a chance to bid below that amount, it will profit you to do it, but if you have to bid above that amount, you'll make less money than the rest of the party. Equivalently, it's the amount that makes the bidder and the non-bidders all gain the same amount after the sale is finished. However, this assumes that you know exactly what the market price *will be* (that it will actually sell for that price) and what the fees will be (both that it actually is going to be marketed, as CoffeeDemon points out, and that you won't have to post it multiple times). So a person who actually bids based on this formula with their best guesses for price and fees does take some risk, but on the other hand they can also benefit if the price goes up above what the market price is assumed to be at bidding time. Or if they skip the fees by using it themselves. IMO, in spite of these complications, the formula is still a good starting point for players trying to figure out when they should stop bidding. P.S. This also doesn't account for limited sell slots -- a player who is very short on sell slots may prefer to let an item go for less than the ideal price rather than have to take up a slot selling it himself, if the price difference isn't too large. Concrete example: if the drop is worth 12 gold, in a 6-man party you should bid 10 gold, making a profit of 2 gold (each of the 5 other party members gains 2 gold when your bid goes through), but if the exact same thing drops in a 4-man you should bid only 9 gold, making a profit of 3 gold (while each of the 3 other party members gains 3 gold when your bid goes through).
  4. There is already a system that rewards you every day you log in, it's called Daily Dash. The rewards are not quite as nuts as what you're suggesting though XD
  5. Can't stay alive

    Your weapon is 11 levels out of date, that is probably a big part of your problem. I've had some squishiness problems too, you have to make well timed use of Q, E, SS and 1, like KFMs do. It definitely deserves a high difficulty rating, you have to learn enemy attack patterns so you can avoid them. I think that's probably your accumulated experience as a player as much as anything else. You already know the right time to iframe things.
  6. Step-by-step builds?

    You can't screw yourself over with what you're putting points into, because you can respec at will. Just take whatever works for you at the levels you're at, and if you think something else would work better, try that for a while. It doesn't even necessarily have to be a part of the same build you're going to have at level 50 -- for example, Kingfist is a very unattractive choice to put points into while leveling (IMO), especially before you have Focus Chi, because you hardly ever get to use it. But I assume most level 50 builds want to do *something* with it. Personally I'm leveling in a Breaking Claw spec where I try as many other ways as I can to activate the Chi buff so that I'm not dependent on crits to activate Iron Shoulder -- Howling Blast and Elbow Smash can both be specced to grant Chi -- and it's really fun when I get the timings right and get to go off; maybe there's something mathematically more efficient, but it works well enough for me. I also have the gapcloser (2) specced into stun so that I can open with an air combo; even without a crit allowing me to weave in an Iron Shoulder before the launcher, it still takes about half the health bar off most mooks in early Moonwater (probably better if I can ever get infernal bracers to drop). But that gives it enough of a cooldown that if I'm moving really fast I have to do every other monster in elemental stance because all my good kung fu moves are on CD.
  7. I cried when Hajoon died

    The *thread title* is a spoiler. For something pretty early in the game, but still.
  8. Why is the gear so expensive?

    That's sort of true, but for things like Corrupted weapons, the removal of Darkglimpse from F8 was a huge factor in the price spike. Lots of breakthrough accessories are the same way. Players that are actually at the level to need it can't get their own anymore, so of course the price is going to skyrocket, even with the gold spammers running groups to farm accessories to sell.
  9. Green dailies dungeon gone?

    That sounds nice... if there ARE people on your server in that level range. That's what F8 was good for: it doesn't matter if you're on a low population server, you can still actually find people. It still is good for that, but only for the things you can use it for. When it's harder to actually do Adder's Nest than Blackram Narrows, because you can easily find a party for Blackram Narrows but will probably have to solo Adder's Nest, then something is wrong. Fortunately you only really need to do Adder's Nest once because it's a 100% drop. Then there's Darkglimpse...
  10. Why is the gear so expensive?

    Unfortunately farming some of them is made much more difficult by the fact that you can no longer cross server the dungeons that drop them, like Darkglimpse... SF is the first class to have that problem (although new characters of all classes are screwed the same way now). Other than that, yeah, what Luna said. It's a temporary effect caused by the popularity of the new class, warlock was the same way (I don't have one but sold some of the weapons on marketplace for ridiculous amounts).
  11. The Darkglimpse Solo Tips

    The #1 tip for melee classes is don't gapclose on enemies that are still outside the shadow wall. It takes a lot of practice to see where that is. I didn't know the orb can attack though, I've only done it with a group where mobs hardly ever even get near it because you can split up and defend all 3 sides at once. My SF is still at the collecting a zillion of every blight weapon except bracers stage.
  12. Soul Fighter Solo Blackram Narrows at Lv. 23

    Cool video, but it seems kind of misleading to say that you can solo Blackram Narrows and not mention that that's AFTER you have Awakened Blight weapon. No wonder all your skills were doing so much more damage than I remember. LOL
  13. About SoulFighter

    ...which is weird, because I almost always want to start out with ranged, unless it's one of those monsters that pops out of the ground right in your face. So then I have to put stance swap on cooldown right at the start of the fight. I also have to unlearn my KFM habit of hitting Tab after I knock enemies down... SF is missing the whole on the ground grappling system, which seems like a high price to pay for a few snowballs, but maybe there's more to the ranged side than that.
  14. Green dailies dungeon gone?

    Well, it's an advantage for the spammers: their parties are now the only game in town. Join them or don't get your gear. It's hard to imagine NCsoft *intending* that result, but they got it anyway.

    This used to be pretty much true, but not anymore. Several dungeons like Adder's Nest, Darkglimpse, Sentinel Ruins and Bokgon Hideout that drop required upgrade pieces are no longer cross server eligible, but still extremely difficult to solo at the appropriate level because they were designed for 3+ people. On a low enough pop server world bosses like Hakan can also be an issue. Again, not reasonably soloable at the level you need their piece to not have your gear progression blocked, because they weren't designed to be soloed, but to be taken down by cooperating with other players. Unless there aren't any other players, then you're hosed. Grimhorn Scullery is no great loss if you just skip it, but not every low level green dungeon is skippable. You can buy all those pieces, but they're going to get stupidly expensive fast if *nobody* gets their own. And where are such low level players going to get even 1 or 2 gold per upgrade? Please revert the removal of green dungeons from cross server, unless you're *trying* to make everyone who isn't on Mushin quit. And I can't think of any reason why you would want that. P.S. It also really cuts down on your ability to get Cinderlands Thorns for crafting if you can't get a party for any of the places that reward them. I suppose you could just skip crafting until much higher level and then level it through blowing through content that is now soloable, but that doesn't seem like much fun.