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Blade master


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Hi everyone, I've got one more open slot and am having difficulty choosing a class. I usually play high-mid dps and reaction speed characters, and I already have a kfm and an assassin that I really like. Blade master and dancer seems really cool to me, but force master and soul fighter also seems appealing. I like higher attack speed characters, with mobility and reaction speed, should I make a BM? What are the perks and downfalls of Blade master compared to Blade dancer, soul fighter, and force master. I solo a lot and don't want something to be too easy, and I like some survivability in a character. So, to sum it up, if I like high reaction, attack speed, mobility, dps, and some survivability, whats the best class?

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Sounds more like a general topic question to me rather than a BM specific. You might get better answers there.


Let's see here. To start it off, one certain requirement for BM is low ping (believe me, playing with 200+ ping is just horrible, 100+ isn't too good either), but I'm sure you know that and have taken care of it.

Reaction definitely fits blade master. Our Q/E last a very short time, by the time you can attack again, the iframe is already over. Also, at earlier stages of the game and in some other scenarios, you will have parry. It lasts .5 sec, so reaction is important there, too.

Attack speed does fit BM in my opinion. pierce-breeze and honed slash-flicker have quite some speed when done right. You can find some videos around here somewhere (not all of them are really well done though).

Mobility depends on what you mean. We have plenty of gap closers, Q/E let's you constantly jump around like crazy. However, when it comes to non-targeted skills, all we have is backstep (8s/8m). That sucks (too bad there's no way to get dash).

DPS? Nope, not the class for it. We're tanks.

Survivability depends on you, but we have a 10% heal every 24 seconds and another 10% (15 second max triple resist included) every 45 seconds. That's plenty of healing without gems or any other triggers. As stated before, Q/E last a short time but 8 second cooldown isn't all that bad. To that, add our backstep, which lasts quite some time actually (~2s I think). Also, every blocked attack heals you 1% of your HP (F3 talented) and you can keep blocking forever. So, even though we don't have many resists like BD's flying sword (w/e it's called) we have plenty of other tools.

You can spend some points to get 2s resist multislash, too.


That's the short version for BM. Choose yourself.

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